Pure Michigan

I always turn the radio up when those commercials come on. Tim Allen’s voice paired with the poetic descriptions gets me every time. And that dreamy feeling is exactly what I had this past week. No cell phone, no tv, shooting stars, and campfire smores. It was heaven.

We spent the first few days with these lovely people. With around thirty people, we took over our resort but had a blast and ate some incredibly delicious food.

Lake Michigan is gorgeous and if it weren’t for the Chicago lights at night, I felt like I was at the ocean.

Todd and I headed farther north for a few extra days. We stayed in the Manistee National Forest. It was so peaceful! We set up our little tent and spent some time exploring the woods.

And just a short walk from our campsite was this view…

We kind of felt like we were on a deserted island. Manistee also had an adorable downtown with so much charm.

Next, we headed to Traverse City, the Cherry Capital of the World. Awesome downtown, lake views, bike paths everywhere, and the most amazing pie. We are ready to pack our bags and move! Unfortunately, I didn’t snap many pictures. We were too busy riding our bikes around town and dreaming about which houses we are going to buy someday.

This weekend we are soaking up every last bit of vacation before it’s back to work and school on Monday. Hope you find a few peaceful minutes in these last lazy days of summer. Look up at the stars, enjoy some dessert, and spend every minute with the ones you love.


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