Last week, I enjoyed a beautiful evening with my sweet friend, Melissa. Even though we have spent the last five years in college together, it wasn’t until the past year that we have become close. Whenever I am in need of some venting or simply want to talk about beautiful design, I know I can call this beautiful lady. We  have so much in common, and we probably should have been hanging out long, long ago. I snapped some portraits of Melissa in Eden Park, for her soon to be launched website. She is such a talented designer, and I cannot wait to see her portfolio.

But along with new things, comes change. She is moving. To Atlanta, ironically where another good friend of mine lives. All the more reason to visit! As much as I am going to miss Melissa, I am so excited for this new journey in her life. She is following her dreams and taking a HUGE leap of faith. But her joy is more important than worry. She is chasing after the things she LOVES, and I know she will not regret it.

I loved so many of these images, but this next one is a favorite. Melissa, you are so gorgeous!

Melissa, thank you for this past year. Thank you for challenging me and being a constant source of inspiration. I know you are going to do BIG things, and I cannot wait to support your dreams. Five years from now, we will laugh at worrying about this move, because we will be able to see how much it has impacted your life. Do not let anyone tell you this is crazy. Fear is a liar. And you are WORTH it!

After our session, we had dinner at Django, a new Mexican restaurant in Northside. It was delicious, and I hear they have nerf gun wars on Saturdays!


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