November Goals

The leaves are falling, Christmas music is on the radio, and it is perfectly acceptable to wear boots every single day. I love this time of year! Our schedule is filling up quickly with family gatherings and Christmas shopping, but I love the excitement of this season. This is the first installment of my monthly goals. I was inspired by the lovely Nancy Ray and Caroline Joy, and decided it would be a great way to keep myself on track. And ask my husband…I love making goals!

  • Finish Christmas shopping
  • Spend the extra hour of daylight savings doing something fun with my husband
  • Get a haircut…the bangs are coming back!
  • Enjoy making lasagna and apple butter with our family
  • Read EntreLeadership
  • Keep training and enjoy the Thanksgiving Day Race
  • Remind myself every day that I have so many things to be thankful for

What are some goals you have for the end of the year? I would love to hear them!


One thought on “November Goals

  1. My goals:
    Not stress about Thanksgiving/Christmas schedules
    Finish Christmas shopping
    Enjoy every minute with family I get
    Read three books for fun
    Try and eat healthy even with all the family parties coming up

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