Confessions | Writing

I love writing. Even though most of my high school classes were math or science based, I missed my creative writing days. In middle school, I was on the Power of the Pen team. Kind of nerdy, I know, but I loved it! We would travel to other schools to compete in three rounds of writing. I remember the anticipation right before I was given a prompt. With pencil in hand, I was ready to pounce. The instructor would announce the topic, and we had an hour or so to brainstorm and write a short story. My coach always said a good paper makes you laugh or makes you cry. I typically chose the sad stories. After too many research papers, I lost my love for writing. But blogging has reignited this lost passion of mine. A big thank you Mrs. Mehler for developing this love for writing, and I’m happy to say it’s back and here to stay!



One thought on “Confessions | Writing

  1. Oh I used to love Power of the Pen too! And I agree, so much inane writing in school tended to suck away my creative drive to write. There was even a time when I wrote poetry…perhaps I’ll try that again 🙂

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