Fill Me Up | #7

There is something about the ocean that makes me whole. I used to listen to a CD of waves at night, because it would always help me fall asleep. I think the expansiveness of the horizon puts everything in perspective. My problems are tiny. And God is so much bigger. As I get closer to graduation, I often feel this overwhelming fear. Where am I going to live? And how do I figure that out in a little over a year? It is scary, but when these fears grip me, I think of the water.


I found a beautiful worship song yesterday that speaks about this perfectly. While you are listening to this song, you should check out the entire album. It is incredible.

P.S. Tomorrow marks one and a half years of marriage to my best friend. I am continually reminded of how truly blessed I am, and it is hard to believe I am so much more in love with him today than the day we were married. T, you are my favorite! Love, Honey


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