Matt + Arielle | Engagement

breannaelizabethengagement-1Arielle and I were roommates in college, and I was thrilled when she asked me to take some photos of her and her soon to be hubby. I had never met Matt before, but I quickly approved. Arielle and Matt are perfect for each other. I have never seen her quite so happy :). It also helped that he opened my door and bought my lunch…such a gentleman!

breannaelizabethengagement-2breannaelizabethengagement-3breannaelizabethengagement-4breannaelizabethengagement-5Arielle asked if they could get some shots at Devou Park overlooking the city. Matt proposed at this very spot, and I thought it was the perfect location.

breannaelizabethengagement-6breannaelizabethengagement-7breannaelizabethengagement-8breannaelizabethengagement-9breannaelizabethengagement-10They also told me they were nervous in front of the camera. I was shocked. I mean look at Arielle. She could be a model!

breannaelizabethengagement-11Arielle and Matt, thank you so much for inviting me along. I cannot wait to celebrate your wedding!


Andy + Becky

These two are my favorite. All smiles the entire session, despite the blazing heat. I even brought along my trusty assistant (aka my handsome hubby). He might have only agreed because he knew we were all going out for burgers after. But I’m going to pretend he was dying to help me out :). He held my camera bag and kept everyone laughing. I might have to bring him along more often.





newman-6Andy and Becky, you two are beautiful inside and out. Thank you for spending the evening with us, and we are so grateful to call you our family and friends.