Stephen + Courtney | Wedding

breannaelizabethweddingcunningham-12Stephen and Courtney are sweet friends of mine who happen to live in beautiful Ireland. They had a ceremony in Ireland in July but wanted to share their love with friends and family in Cincinnati. Although I would have loved to capture this day in Ireland, it was still incredibly beautiful, full of love and laughter. Stephen also brought along some of his Irish family, and I could listen to them talk for days.

breannaelizabethweddingcunningham-1 breannaelizabethweddingcunningham-2I spent the morning with Courtney and her bridesmaids, getting ready and relaxing before the day started. Courtney was incredibly relaxed, and I loved being able to spend some time with her on her wedding day. This image above is a perfect representation of Courtney’s spirit. She is incredibly positive and happy, and it is contagious.

breannaelizabethweddingcunningham-3 breannaelizabethweddingcunningham-4 breannaelizabethweddingcunningham-5 breannaelizabethweddingcunningham-6 breannaelizabethweddingcunningham-7Courtney was a stunning bride. Her style is so classic and timeless, and the details of her dress were perfect.

breannaelizabethweddingcunningham-8The ceremony and reception took place at the Krohn Conservatory, which was a perfect location on this chilly November day.

breannaelizabethweddingcunningham-9 breannaelizabethweddingcunningham-10I mean look at these two…so adorable together!

breannaelizabethweddingcunningham-13 breannaelizabethweddingcunningham-14 breannaelizabethweddingcunningham-15 breannaelizabethweddingcunningham-16 breannaelizabethweddingcunningham-17 breannaelizabethweddingcunningham-18 breannaelizabethweddingcunningham-19 breannaelizabethweddingcunningham-20 breannaelizabethweddingcunningham-21 breannaelizabethweddingcunningham-22Stephen and Courtney, thank you so much for asking me to be a part of your lovely day. It was beautiful in every day and a perfect representation of how much love others have for you. I saw many tears and laughs throughout the day. As much as I wish you lived closer, I am so excited for your adventures across the Atlantic. The next time we get together should be in Dublin!


A Fall Evening

Two beautiful fall wedding weekends in a row! This one took place at the Krippendorf Lodge in Milford, Ohio. Kind of in the middle of nowhere, but definitely worth the drive. It was a gorgeous day, with some lovely fall foliage.

During the cocktail hour, Todd and I slipped away for some exploring in the woods. Can I just say that Todd looks soooo good in a suit! I try to get him to wear it every day, but he’s not the biggest fan. So when he does wear it, I’m sure to snap some photos. 

Since I am usually holding the camera, I let Todd take a turn. He’s got talent!

Of course, we took pictures of the desserts! There was a small cake that the bride and groom cut, but the guests enjoyed these delicious mini cupcakes. So adorable! We tried the green tea, s’more, and pumpkin. 

They were all yummy!

If you are looking for a fun date night, dress up and take some photos in the woods. And thank you self timer and rock wall for snapping this last one of us. It’s one of my favorites :).

Wedding Cake | Ryan and Amanda’s Big Day

Last weekend, Todd and I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of our good friends, Ryan and Amanda. Todd and Ryan are college buddies, and we have been on many fun double dates together. They had a beautiful ceremony followed by a reception at the Voice of America Park. It was a perfect fall evening, and Ryan and Amanda had so many unique touches.

Todd and I had been planning for this wedding for quite awhile. Because Todd made their cake. That’s right. My amazingly handsome husband also bakes. And gives excellent back rubs…but that’s not really relevant. Trust me, I know how lucky I am :). I actually helped this time, with more than the dishes, and we had been baking and prepping for several weeks. The cake was chocolate and vanilla with raspberry buttercream. We also made cake pops. Pumpkin flavored. In case you don’t know, I absolutely love everything pumpkin flavored, so I was pumped when Ryan and Amanda decided on a festive flavor. It turned out beautifully, and Todd received tons of comments on how yummy it was. 

There was also a candy bar! Each seat had an empty box that you could fill up with your favorite treats. Such a cute idea!

And here is the happy couple. The ones on the right…not Todd and Ryan :).

Ryan and Amanda, congratulations! It was such a beautiful day, and thank you so much for including us. Here’s to many more years of double dates!