Fill Me Up | #1

For the next year, I am going to feature something I love each week. These are the things that pull at my heart strings and really fill me up with joy: 52 that fill me up. I thought it was especially appropriate to start on my half birthday! First up: Haiti.

Oh, Haiti. You have made my heart beat for so many years. I sponsored a little boy, Kirbi, while I was in high school. He lived in Port-au-Prince, and I loved getting letters and drawings from him. He loved soccer. After the 2010 earthquake, my heart was torn for you. Each news story I read broke my heart a little more. This past December, I was asked to lead a team of UC students to volunteer in Port-au-Prince, and of course I said yes. It was the trip of a lifetime. I had an amazing team, and we worked our bottoms off to clear some land and beginning building a home for a family in desperate need. Women were not allowed to work, so I spent most of my time playing with the children. Their smiles gave me hope. Even though I have been back for almost a year, I think about you every day. The need that your people still have and the piece of my heart that I left there. This is not goodbye, because I will be back. I cannot forget you.

These beautiful children bring such joy to my heart.