Stephen + Courtney | Wedding

breannaelizabethweddingcunningham-12Stephen and Courtney are sweet friends of mine who happen to live in beautiful Ireland. They had a ceremony in Ireland in July but wanted to share their love with friends and family in Cincinnati. Although I would have loved to capture this day in Ireland, it was still incredibly beautiful, full of love and laughter. Stephen also brought along some of his Irish family, and I could listen to them talk for days.

breannaelizabethweddingcunningham-1 breannaelizabethweddingcunningham-2I spent the morning with Courtney and her bridesmaids, getting ready and relaxing before the day started. Courtney was incredibly relaxed, and I loved being able to spend some time with her on her wedding day. This image above is a perfect representation of Courtney’s spirit. She is incredibly positive and happy, and it is contagious.

breannaelizabethweddingcunningham-3 breannaelizabethweddingcunningham-4 breannaelizabethweddingcunningham-5 breannaelizabethweddingcunningham-6 breannaelizabethweddingcunningham-7Courtney was a stunning bride. Her style is so classic and timeless, and the details of her dress were perfect.

breannaelizabethweddingcunningham-8The ceremony and reception took place at the Krohn Conservatory, which was a perfect location on this chilly November day.

breannaelizabethweddingcunningham-9 breannaelizabethweddingcunningham-10I mean look at these two…so adorable together!

breannaelizabethweddingcunningham-13 breannaelizabethweddingcunningham-14 breannaelizabethweddingcunningham-15 breannaelizabethweddingcunningham-16 breannaelizabethweddingcunningham-17 breannaelizabethweddingcunningham-18 breannaelizabethweddingcunningham-19 breannaelizabethweddingcunningham-20 breannaelizabethweddingcunningham-21 breannaelizabethweddingcunningham-22Stephen and Courtney, thank you so much for asking me to be a part of your lovely day. It was beautiful in every day and a perfect representation of how much love others have for you. I saw many tears and laughs throughout the day. As much as I wish you lived closer, I am so excited for your adventures across the Atlantic. The next time we get together should be in Dublin!